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About the Artist


Jill Whatley Huston is a Texas based artist who works with a variety of mediums. She attended Stephen F. Austin State University and graduated from the University of Houston with a BA in Anthropology. Throughout her life she has continuously taken classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, et cetera and will forever be a student of art. Her studies have built a passion for exploring other cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and customs of the various people and civilizations from around the world. Jill draws inspiration for her work from her years living and traveling abroad. Her time teaching preschool in Singapore and volunteering for a wild animal rescue organization in Thailand especially ingrained in her the love and appreciation of Southeast Asian art. She describes her work as rooted in nature, enjoying repetition and texture and the freedom to create spontaneous organic forms. Jill works primarily in oil paint, clay, paper, and found objects.



The Jung Center, Juror Kerry Inman, Houston, TX


Sabine Street Studios, Juror Heidi Vaughan, Houston, TX

Reeves Art + Design, Juror Matt Reeves, Houston, TX

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